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Verity has proprietary technology platform powered by blockchain technology called Cypher.

Verity uses third party API to facilitate inter-company transactions on distributed ledger platform powered by blockchain technology.

Verity works with multiple institutions involved in transaction that collaborate on a secure consensus- based system with rule based smart contracts. The platform provides verifiable audit trail and eliminates losses in quality and quantity at each bilateral interface.

We work with Companies involved in trade including buying/selling, export/import, accounting, financing and auditing.

The Trade could be Inter-company or Intra-company including subsidiaries within Group or Holding Company and Conglomerates.

We work with Financing institutions to facilitate due diligence on Trade Receivables, Invoices for faster turnaround on financing process.

We facilitate the issuance of verified and validated digital certificates to Companies. These could include KYC certificates, Education Certificates, Renewable Energy Certificates.

Source: Deloitte

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